Ida Ekblad

Poem Percussion


Published by

Bergen Kunsthall

86 Pages
14.5 x 20 cm
Colour Offset


After scavenging through local scrap dealers’ yards and garbage dumps for material, or quite simply incorporating things more or less from the street, Ekblad often creates her sculptures at the exhibition site. The sculptures stand as poetic testimony to the performative actions behind them. The stray finds are reworked sculpturally, bent and twisted, or they are used untreated, almost as they are. In the concrete-based sculptures the objects are sunk in a base of cement. The process recalls the way improvising musicians create in the heat of the moment. 


Ekblad’s poetry is also partly based on found material. In combination with her own poetry, she likes to draw text fragments from various sources, from a cigarette packet to classic literature or song titles that come together in Beat-based, cut-up poetry. In some cases the poems are created with a direct background in ‘sculpture walks’ where the text is worked up on the basis of the specific material she has found among garbage and things from the street.