The Institute of Social Hypocrisy



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The Institute of Social Hypocrisy

32 Pages
21 x 29.7 cm

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A Fanzine by Marianne Bredesen, Siri Iversen-Ejve, Henrik Mojord Jahnsen, Svetlana Negashova & Ottar Karlsen: Edition 36.

Inspired by the show, The Gagged Archive Part ll, held at the Art Academy in Oslo, during February, 2011.

Parts of the Academy's art collection have been taken out of the Art College warehouse and transferred to the Pillar Gallery as part of the workshop project, The Gagged Archive Part ll, that The Institute of Social Hypocrisy Paris is holding in week 8 with students at the Art Academy in Oslo. The artworks from the warehouse represent a small part of the Academy's collection. The works are not unpacked and the exhibition carries this idea forward: the paintings of the Academy's former professors, such as Irma Salo Jaeger, Knut Rose, Thorvald Eriksson, Bjørn Carlsen and Oluf Wold-Thorne are still loaded onto a trolley.
The works are in permanent transit for one week and are located in a heated room as opposed to the unheated storage room where they are usually kept. In an outdoor storage unit, which usually serves as garage for the Art Academy's snow removal equipment, the Arts and Crafts School's plaster collection and student's works are also stored.