Victor Boullet

Social Hypocrite


Published by

Lauren Monchar

168 Pages
22 x 26 Pages
Colour Offset
Edition of 1000


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Victor Boullet has produced an unusual and fragile book of his most recent work. Unbound and presented in a plastic pack, this latest publication includes both photography and film stills.
Entitled Social Hypocrite, the narrative throughout the work examines people who choose to try and ensconce themselves into a world where they do not belong. They put on a front, in order to conceal a side of themselves they do not want to admit to.

Boullet has created a series of fictional characters that serve as vehicles to discuss issues such as religion, friendship, aging, disappointment and failure in a very personal context.
Boullet cryptically uses his photography to illustrate the lies and deceit we all use in order to live in our complex society. The fact that there are neither titles nor any explanatory text accompanying the imagery, forces the viewer to draw his own conclusions and make his own interpretation.